Things I Wish I Knew – Episode 2- Creating the Opportunity

Welcome everybody, have you ever wondered why some of your friends from college scored amazing jobs right out of school. or seem to have great job prospects showing up at their door,  .. and you seem to apply for 100’s of jobs, only to get the “thank you for applying, but we’ve decided to go with someone who is more “fit” for the position. 

I know a common hurdle my friends encountered when we finished college was that most positions wanted 5 years or more of experience, and they didn’t have it, and because they couldn’t get a job, they couldn’t get 5 years of experience. Which then became a vicious cycle of… well how am I supposed to get 5 years of experience if no one will hire me. 

Well, I’m here to tell you how to be THAT PERSON. The person who has opportunities beating down their door when they finish college, or head hunters seeking them out while they currently have a job. 

EXPERIENCE! While you are in college get a job that relates to your major, or what you have a genuine interest in doing in the future. While I was in undergrad, I had a million jobs. I worked at Payless, the movies, Finishline, telemarketing. You name it, I probably worked there in college. Even though I had an income that was helping to pay the bills, I wasn’t actually gaining experience in the field I was studying in college. To make a long story short, I learned the hard way that coming out of college with no internship, or experience in my field was no Bueno. 

During the gap of undergrad to grad school, I gained a little bit of knowledge that has paid off in a HUGE WAY! I currently live in Puerto Rico and I am still get amazing job offers because I started putting my time towards gaining work experience in the field I had studied. So I started a management position after undergrad, and maintained it for 2 years. I then applied to an MBA program that required 5 years of professional business experience… but here’s the catch… I started working as an executive assistant 2 weeks prior, and was able to use that job as a professional reference. I worked full time for the next 14 months while getting my MBA. When I finished grad school I had about 5 years worth of professional experience within business. Not because I had worked at the EA job for 5 years, but because I had been involved with so many different business interactions that I had made a name for myself as being a hard worker, and a hustler. People wanted me to work for them.. I was getting poached WHILE I was getting my MBA because of my hustle. 

So.. here are the steps to breaking the cycle of the job or experience (chicken or egg) situation, these tasks will lead you in the right direction to have that competitive edge that lands you the job and opens up the doors of opportunity. 

  1. Work while you are in school, preferably at job that pertains to your degree. If you are a film major, work at the movies. This is great experience for you, and can be used on your resume as work experience. 
  2. Get an internship. Internships are invaluable to networking, and providing you with more insight into what it is you are actually studying. There’s a reason there’s a saying that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 
  3. Let others see you hustle! Get noticed by being the hardest worker in the room! 

Ok, now you know how to land the job right out of school, and create the best opportunities for success. Go try them out and let me know how your life changes. 

Thank you for listening to Things I wish I Knew. 

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