Episodes: Masonry

Time Stamp

How scary is it to think you only have a certain amount of time to accomplish the things and experiences you want in life. How often are we told that, there is a timeline of when you should have accomplished things in your life.  Well, I’m here to tell you the honest truth.. There kinda...

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A Leap of Faith

Things I Wish I Knew-009- Take the Leap of Faith Hi everyone, welcome back to another fun filled episode of Things I Wish I Knew, have you ever been scared to take on something bigger than yourself. Even the smallest steps into something unknown can seem pretty big, and believe me taking the first step...

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The Power of the P A U S E

Things I Wish I Knew-008- Communication-The Power of the P A U S E Hi everyone, thank you for tuning in today to listen for the Things I Wish I Knew. Today we are going to talk about the Power of the P A U S E, pausing can often give you the millisecond you...

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First Impressions

Things I Wish I Knew-007- Employment-First Impressions Hi everyone, Welcome Back to Things I Wish I Knew. You are going to absolutely LOVE todays show!! Today we are going to talk a little bit about how First Impressions.  See what I did there? I lead you into today’s podcast with excitement in my voice, and...

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Things I Wish I Knew-005 Love- Healthy Relationships Hi Everybody, welcome back to Things I Wish I Knew.. in this episode we will be talking at a very high level about what a healthy relationship is.  There is a TON of information all over the web about what is NOT a healthy relationship, but not...

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Military Edition – Moving

Things I Wish I Knew-004- Military Version- Moving Hi guys and gals.. welcome to Things I Wish I Knew, Military Version… specifically moving.  Have you ever been so stressed out the impending military move, and upheaval of the life as you know it? Well… Here are few things I wish I had known about before...

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Electoral College, huh?

Things I Wish I Knew-003 How Politics Work- Electoral College Welcome guys, today’s episode is going to be about how the hell the electoral college works. I know that as of recently there’s a ton of news swirling around that is basically all about politics these days, and honestly I have been pretty lost.. pretending...

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Creating Opportunity

Things I Wish I Knew – Episode 2- Creating the Opportunity Welcome everybody, have you ever wondered why some of your friends from college scored amazing jobs right out of school. or seem to have great job prospects showing up at their door,  .. and you seem to apply for 100’s of jobs, only to get...

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Building Credit

Things I Wish I Knew – Episode 1  Alright, let’s get started. Something I wish I knew.. how to set yourself up with good credit history so that you CAN get the car you want, credit card you want, and lifestyle you want without crippling yourself with bad debt.  Here’s what I did, and what...

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