The Power of the P A U S E

Things I Wish I Knew-008- Communication-The Power of the P A U S E Hi everyone, thank you for tuning in today to listen for the Things I Wish I Knew. Today we are going to talk about the Power of the P A U S E, pausing can often give you the millisecond you...

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A Leap of Faith

Things I Wish I Knew-009- Take the Leap of Faith Hi everyone, welcome back to another fun filled episode of Things I Wish I Knew, have you ever been scared to take on something bigger than yourself. Even the smallest steps into something unknown can seem pretty big, and believe me taking the first step...

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Time Stamp

How scary is it to think you only have a certain amount of time to accomplish the things and experiences you want in life. How often are we told that, there is a timeline of when you should have accomplished things in your life.  Well, I’m here to tell you the honest truth.. There kinda...

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