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Hi everyone, Welcome Back to Things I Wish I Knew. You are going to absolutely LOVE todays show!! Today we are going to talk a little bit about how First Impressions. 

See what I did there? I lead you into today’s podcast with excitement in my voice, and tone. You can’t see me, but I was also smiling when I said you were going to love this show. 

This is just one type of first impression I’m going to talk about today, demeanor. This is something that isn’t taught in school, and is usually only noticed when it’s lacking. Basically, how you carry yourself is part of your greeting card of first impressions. Whether it be with enthusiasm or melancholy the receiving party will develop a snap judgement about you based on your demeanor INSTANTLY! 

Had I started the show with a lower toner, and not as an explanation it could be seen as a serious show today, or something that’s not a fun topic to talk about. 

This is just one type of first impressions. 

The second type of impression I believe is that of physical appearance. 

A personal experience I recently had that lead people to develop an impression (I believe) of me was at 2 recent job interviews. As you know, I’m currently living in PR and there are a few bigger companies here that I’ve had my eye on. 

Well, I scored 2 interviews. The first one was about a month ago, and the second was last Friday. For the first interview I wore slacks, heels and a cardigan with my hair down. For the second interview I went to Marshall’s and found two new outfits that were (in my mind) more professional and feminine. I chose a black and white knee length dress and wore my hair back for the second interview. 

When I entered the building in my slacks and cardigan I was greeted, and asked to sign in as a guest and the front desk clerk asked if I was there for an interview. I smiled, and said yes.. signed in and sat down. I didn’t get that job. 

When I entered the building the second time wearing my (what I thought) conservative knee length black and white dress, with my hair pulled back in a low pony tail it was a different experience. I was greeted with a warm hello again, but was asked who I had a meeting with and what business I was with. 

JUST BECAUSE MY APPEARANCE looked more formal, and what I believe conservative I looked like I already belonged to an organization. This was a positive snap judgement, and exactly what I was going for. I wanted to look like I belonged, and I wanted to be taken seriously. 

My first impression was received exactly how I had hoped it would be received, because I did a little bit more research on how the company operated, and what it looked like from the inside last time. Very conservative, grey walls and grey cubicles. Not the color scheme of Google, where slacks and a cardigan would have been the business casual first impression I would have wanted to portray. 

Now to the FINAL first impression that is my absolute favorite. THE VIBE! I remember reading somewhere that “everyone is responsible for the energy, or lack of energy they bring to the room”. There’s also a popular saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”. I 100% believe this to be true. 

When trying to bridge the gap of communication with others it’s important to very quickly build trust, and understanding. I believe you do this by exemplifying the vibe and people that you wish to attract. 

An example of this is if you want to be seen as someone who is serious about their job, or profession then you create a persona of being serious about your craft. You take the time to do your work correctly and efficiently. You speak of positive experiences you have had within your craft, and you associate yourself with others who have like values about their craft or specialty.  

If you aren’t attracting the type of positive VIBE you want to portray, start with yourself and observing what people are doing that DO HAVE THE VIBE you wish you have. 

First impressions happen all the time, now imagine if you had control over making the best first impression in ANY situation. You would WINNER in most arenas of your life! BOOM .. 

Thank you again for listening to Things I Wish I Knew, and as always please leave your questions and reviews within ITUNES and on


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