A Leap of Faith

Things I Wish I Knew-009- Take the Leap of Faith

Hi everyone, welcome back to another fun filled episode of Things I Wish I Knew, have you ever been scared to take on something bigger than yourself. Even the smallest steps into something unknown can seem pretty big, and believe me taking the first step can be the hardest.. but DAMN.. when you take that first step.. that momentum picks up once you start moving in a direction. Suddenly you can think of a million things that you need to do after you take that first step. 

I’m here to tell you how to prep for that first pinky toe dip into something new. 

  • Think about the best possibility/outcome of doing this new adventure
  • Think about the worst possibility/outcome of doing this new adventure
  • Make a list of both, and prepare for both outcomes
  • Ride the wave

I’ve had a lot of “new beginnings” in my young life, and I can 100% tell you they aren’t easy in the beginning. 

A short list of the new beginnings I’ve had in my life are, moving to a rural high school where I knew no one and had to stand on my own 2 feet by myself to make friends and continue on as if my life hadn’t changed. Be a first generation college student, and completely navigate the world of financial aid and surviving college on my own, first heartbreak.. we’ve all been there and the new beginning that comes out of that is ..groud breaking. First big professional gig, and then moving across the country with no job or prospects, to meeting a new guy and falling in love.. Getting married, and moving to basically another country, and buying a home. 

So I think it’s clear to say.. that I’ve had my fair share of new beginnings and have some candid advice for those of you on the fence to take a leap of faith on something new.. 

As NIKE  would say “Just do it!”. 

In all of the experiences I just listed I visualized the best possible outcome, the worst possibly outcome and I wrote them out. Even in high school I was a bit high strong on wanting to know what the future would hold, and how I could navigate it in the direction I desired. 

You have to really check yourself when you want to try something new, at first you may daydream about what you want, and wonder if it’s even possible. That’s the first stage of thinking about the best possibility/outcome of your new adventure. This is usually quickly followed by negative self talk. You ALSO need to check yourself on this. 

We are prone to think more negative, and you need to make sure you aren’t spinning out into unrealistic fears. This is why making a list of both the great outcomes, and worst outcomes are essential. After you have basically made your pros/con’s list of outcomes take the biggest outcomes on both sides, maybe 4 outcomes of each and prepare for them. 

This is NOT PREPARING you to FAIL!!! This is preparing you for different scenarios so you DON’T FAIL, because when you start planning your safety net you are coming up with solutions on how to navigate this new journey. There will be bumps in the road, but writing down your ultimate goal and outcome will be your patch kit when those bumps pop your metaphorical tire. You need to have an outcome so exciting that it pushes you to keep going when it gets hard. 

You also need to know when to pull the rip cord and bail. This is equally important so you don’t loose steam on your next dream, which will 100% come out of all of your hard work from your plan A outcome/adventure not happening.

One thing I know is true when you take a leap of faith is this, even if it doesn’t land right on the bullseye of what you anticipated, it’s probably still on the board and can get you closer to what you want in the long run. Which is closer than you were when you started.

Thank you again for listening to Things I Wish I Knew, and my advice on taking a Leap of Faith. I’ve been asked to expand more on my personal leaps of faith, if that’s true just comment below in Itunes or on Thingsiwishiknew.life